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Lakes, lakes, lakes

During our roadtrip to Croatia we stopped at three lakes. Lake Bled in Slovenia, Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and Königssee in Germany. One of them was more beautiful than the other. Find pics and tips for your visit here.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


I have never seen a colour like this – an amazingly deep blue. I am standing high up a mountain next to lake Bled in Slovenia. This view is the reward for hiking up with more than 30 degrees celsius. Luckily the hike isn’t to bad and only takes about 45 minutes. “Wish we could jump right in from here”, is my biggest wish. Some pictures and a shorter hike down it’s finally time to do exactly this. 3…2…1…splash. The water is cold and clear and feels so good.

If you visit Lake Bled make sure you do the hike up to the viewpoint. It is definitely worth looking down on the lake and the small island. For the hike you start at the Campsite or the parking spot right next to the lake. Pass the campsite and on your right you will see a small path going into the forest. There are signs to show you the way. We visited the viewpoint called Osojnica. After the viewpoint we kept walking straight on and went down a different way. This way was a bit steeper and included a stair. But you have a great view on the lake all the way down and it is a bit shorter. At the end the two ways meet again and you can enjoy a swim in the lake.

We passed Lake Bled on our way down to Croatia and only spent a view hours to do the hike and some swimming. If you have more time you can also rent a boat or SUP board or take the ferry to visit the island. The town of Bled looked quite nice as well.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


Our next stop was the national park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, which is actually not one lake but several. I know, it’s quite touristic and there is probably no time in the year, when you are alone there but it is definitely worth it! The lakes and waterfalls are so beautiful, you have super clear water and some of the best views. I could have stayed there for days and explore all the routes and hidden places. So if you are thinking about making a stop there – do it!

We stayed on the campsite Camp Korana. It is located only 6km from the park entrance and I can definitely recommend it. The site is beautiful and you can park between trees to get enough shadow. There is a shuttle bus leaving the campsite to the park at 9am but I definitely recommend to go there earlier on your own. The park opens at 7am so make sure to be there shortly before that. It is no problem to get a parking space in front of the park at that time and you are among the first ones to enter the park.

After the entrance you already can enjoy a great view across the lower lakes. We followed the pathways on the water all the way up till the last waterfall. Afterwards we explored some of the hiking ways on the other side and finally took the bus down to the entrance again. The bus is included in the park ticket as well as a ferry ride across one of the lakes. All in all we stayed about 6 hours in the park with some breaks inbetween.

If you want to do a day trip bring enough food and water with you. Especially in summer it is pretty warm and you are constantly moving. There are a few pretty places in the forest where you can enjoy a snack. After the bus ride down to the entrance there is another short walking passage with the greatest views down on the park. A perfect ending to an incredible day.

Königssee, Germany

On our way back home we stopped in Bavaria and spent another two nights at the Königssee. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t all that good so we couldn’t do a longer hike up the Jenner mountain which provides amazing views down to the lake. But on the morning before we left the clouds dissapeared which made it possible to do a shorter hike to a (not so) hidden waterfall. I’ve seen this waterfall a couple of times on Instagram lately and wanted to visit it ever since. You have a great view on the lake and the waterfall formed a little pond to sit in and enjoy this view.


Although the waterfall is not a big secret anymore and is visited by more and more people, there is no official way to get there and it’s a bit tricky finding it. If you want to visit the waterfall make sure to wear good shoes and be really careful, especially when it rained before and the way is slippery.

After a little bit more than an hour hike from the Campsite (Camping Grafenlehen) we reached the waterfall and were more than happy about a jump into the pond. The water is really cold but it was perfect. And the view is the best reward. From the pond the waterfall goes straight down and at the bottom there is the beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.


All three lakes have been really beautiful and unique in their own way. If you are doing a roadtrip to Croatia they are the perfect stops on the way there and back. But also every lake on their own is worth a visit. Let me know if you have more questions regarding accommodation or hiking routes.


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