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In love with castles – two perfect daytrips from Stuttgart

Ok, I admit that most of the time when it comes to traveling I am looking at far away places. I want to explore distant countries with exotic landscapes and great cultures. And I forget about all the great things my own country has to offer. But the last weeks I started to change that and had a closer look at the destinations around my hometown Stuttgart. My two favourite trips were to Lichtenstein castle and a hike with an amazing view at Hohenzollern castle. Amazing views, landscape and culture combined ūüėČ

Feeling like a princess at Lichtenstein castle

Lichtenstein castle is also called the fairytale castle of Baden-W√ľrttemberg and that’s definitely true. It’s probably the cutest castle I have ever seen. Nice and small with lots of little towers, windows and details – it stole my heart right away. If you want to feel like a princess for one day I recommend you to visit this pretty little castle.

The easiest way to get there is by car. There is a parking lot right in front of the entrance which costs¬† 2‚ā¨ and another one a 10 minute walk away which is for free. I recommend you to take the free one because the walk to the castle is already beautiful especially in autumn as it leads through a colorful forest. Entrance fee for the castle yard is 2‚ā¨. If you want to do a guided tour through the inner chambers it’s 8‚ā¨ (October 2018).

In my opinion the best time to visit the castle is during autumn. The colorful leaves make the great view even more spectacular. If you want to visit Lichtenstein in winter please make sure to check the opening times. It’s not open all year round.

If you are in for some more activity after visiting the castle there are lots of hiking tours in the area. Some of them offer great views at the castle as well. Others lead to the two caves ‘B√§renh√∂le’ and ‘Nebelh√∂le’.


Hiking with a view – around Hohenzollern castle

My second daytrip led me to the area around Hohenzollern castle. The impressive castle is definitely worth a visit but this time I wanted to explore the area around. We cose a loop with spectacular views at the castle and the surrounding area. The hike is approx. 16km long but doesn’t contain lots of altitude, so it’s easy to do for everyone. You can start at different parking lots and follow the signs saying ‘Parkplatz Stich’.


You will have the most spectacular views at the viewpoints ‘Zeller Horn’ and ‘H√§ngender Stein’. From the first one you can see the castle in all it’s impressive beauty and from the second one you will be able to enjoy an amazing view across the surrounding area. With all the colours this hike is most pretty in autumn.


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