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Thank you 2018 for being so amazing

Probably everybody is doing a look back at the year thing right now and on tv you can see the endless series of big pictures 2018 and most breathtaking/ ridiculous/ nerve wrecking moments. So the question is why should I write just another one of these sum ups? Well for me it’s easy: I want to remind myself to be thankful and to appreciate what I have and how far I came. I think for me 2018 was quite an important year with lots of changes. In order to embrace new things, I want to take the time writing this article to say goodbye to 2018 and remember the things I was happy or sad about.

Whether or not you want to read it, is up to you. But I want to tell you it’s good to look back at the most important moments. Appreciate them whether they have been positive or negative. Take strength from the positive moments and find your peace with the negative ones. This will help you to be ready for all the challenges that may come in the future and it will help you to recognize the positive moments when they happen and enjoy them.

January to March

My year started with mixed feelings. I had just finished my Master thesis. I came back from an amazing trip to Peru and had to start writing job applications. And as much as I love writing in general, I hate writing applications. These months of waiting for replies, of being uncertain about how my life would look like in the future really tore at me. I was nervous, got angry really fast and blamed myself for not finding a job faster. But in the end it all turned out good and just when my last semester at uni ended I had the yes from the right company. It’s only a one year contract but a perfect chance to show how good I am and to gain lots of practical experience.


Favorite trip: Vienna as a gift to myself for getting the job

April to June

I can’t tell you how fast the first months of my new job went by. I love what I’m doing at work, I have great colleagues and I put in all my energy to give my best for this team. Altough that means I didn’t had that much time for travelling. In May however it was time to get away for a bit so I did an amazing roadtrip with my best friend. We went to Amsterdam and also explored the surrounding area together. Definitely one of my favourite trips this year. We had an amazing time and were even lucky enough to find some of the last tulip fields still in blossom. Can’t wait to start the next roadtrip 2019 🙂 Any tips where to head to in Europe?


Favourite trip: Amsterdam

July to September

Summer this year was perfect. I cant say it any differently. We had the most amazing weather in Germany for a really long period of time. I really appreciated my weekends because I didn’t have to do stuff for uni like the years before. And we welcomed our new family member Emil – our VW camper with which we made a gorgeous trip to Croatia and lots of weekend trips. Also I did my very first via ferrata (Klettersteig) and I LOVED IT 🙂 Since then I chose bouldering as my new hobby and can’t wait for the next summer to head to the mountains again.

Too many favourite trips to mention just one 😀

Plitvice Lakes and island Cres, Croatia

Breitenauer See and Eibsee

October to December

It got a bit quieter in October regarding travels but just super busy at work. Inbetween I felt like I was constantly working and not enjoying life enough. I also started to get pretty nervous because of my one year contract which is only running until March and I didn’t have a clue on what would come afterwards. I wish I had more trust in the universe to let everything happen when it’s time for it and more trust in myself for what I can and what I am. I am working on it 😀 (By the way – just before I took off for my christmas holidays I got the info from my boss that I will get a new unlimidet contract beginning of next year 🙂

Right now it’s middle of December and I am sitting in Egypt with the morning sun on my face and the waves breaking in the distance. Could be worse I guess 😉 In this very moment I believe everything will be just fine and I am looking forward to what the new year will bring. If it will be only just as great as 2018 (and I am sure it will) – I am more than happy.

Favourite trips: Neuschwanstein castle and Egypt

Do you like to read some more personal posts here as well? And what was your favourite moment/ favourite trip in 2018? Let me know on Instagram or here in the comments. Stay loving, stay kind and embrace the good things in your life.


  1. Jessi says

    Toll, dass dir Wien gefallen hat – ich seh‘s immer mit gemischten Gefühlen, bin froh, wenn ich wieder raus bin haha 😂 aber die Plitvicer Seen haben mich als Kind auch schon sehr beeindruckt! Toller Blogbeitrag! Ich freu mich mein Jahr 2019 mit Kambodscha starten zu können ♥️


    • So geht es mir aber auch mit jeder grossstadt. Ich schau sie gerne an und es gefällt mir super aber nach ein paar Tagen reicht es dann auch wieder 😊 Bin schon so gespannt auf deine Reiseberichte und Bilder 🙌🏻


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