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What photography means to me

Taking pictures has become one of my favourite hobbies. For me it is not only about the picture itself but there is so much more around it. In this article I want to tell you a little more about this passion of mine, about our photo equipment and how I edit my pictures.

“Hunting the perfect picture is not only about the picture, it’s about the whole adventure behind it!”

For me taking a picture is going on an adventure. I explore different places, I find hidden spots, I meet new people, I try to capture the moment. Every single picture tells a story and behind every picture there are memories I will never forget.

When I look at the picture below I remember how I felt when I got up that morning. The whole week before we had amazing weather, blue skies and sunshine. And when I got up that day I looked outside and saw only grey. Well, we wanted to go hiking that day so we went. And it turned out that the grey weather and the fog made the hike even more beautiful. When we reached this viewpoint the fog was just slowly coming up the hills creating this amazing and mystical place. Without it it wouldn’t have looked half as impressive. I also remember that only ten minutes later the fog made it’s way up and you couldn’t see anything anymore. I remember how incredibly happy and lucky I felt to be at the right spot in just the right time. Later we made a little campfire and had delicious food. A perfect day, I won’t forget any time soon!


“Photography opened my eyes and makes me see the world in a completely different way!”

I grew up in a little village and we spent most of our family holidays driving our Van through Europe. I always loved nature and couldn’t imagine growing up in a big city. But since I started photography about two years ago, something changed. I feel like I never really looked at things before, that I didn’t value the beauty of our nature enough. Now I pay attention to the smallest details, I feel blessed being outside, I am happy just because the light is so beautiful sometimes, I fall in love with the beauty of our planet over and over again. And I am thankful to be able to catch these moments of beauty and happyness and share them with others. I hope I can open the eyes of other people as well and maybe if we all would love our nature even more, we would stop destroying it.

For example when we walked through this winter forest I stopped at every second tree to look at how beautiful it is covered in all the snow. And when we found this river making it’s way trough the snow I couldn’t believe how beautiful a simple small river can look like.


“The only way to become a great photographer is to grab your camera, get out there and take photos!”

While travelling I always have certain pictures in mind or find inspiration on instagram or pinterest of the kind of picture I want to take. Most of the time it’s a mixture of trying to recreate a picture out of my head or from a different photographer and of shooting something out of the blue because the place we are at just inspires us to do so. Especially when you are new to photography it helps a lot to use pictures as an inspiration. Look at some of your favourite pics and ask yourself ‘What is it I really like about this pic?’ Is it the landscape, a certain lighting, a different angle? Try to recreate the pic and then start to make slight adjustments. Try a different camera setting, a different perspective, etc. This way you learn about what the other photogapher might have thought while taking the pic and also you start finding your own unique style.

To shoot the picture below we played with different angles and perspectives. Going down to the floor with the camera and ligning the stones towards it made the most interesting view. Moving the camera to the left or higher created totally different looks.


“Picture editing is not only about improving the picture, it’s about interpreting it!”

I love editing, it’s so much fun. And it gives me the possibility to let the picture look the way I remember the place and situation. The same place from the exact same angle can look totally different on two pictures from different photographers. Because everyone has their own reality. It’s not only about what we see but also what we feel in that moment. We mix up what we actually see with the way our experience was in that moment. Did we feel happy, sad, impressed, overwhelmed, bright, nervous, loved, thankful, stressed, …? That influences the way we remember the moment and also the way we want the picture to look like. I want to tell the story behind the picture and that’s why I edit pictures. Sometimes I only slightly change them and sometimes I do a lot.

Before-After: This pic was shot during a little hike in Tirol a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time in the snow for me this winter and I felt like a child and was so happy. The weather was amazing and I remember how bright everything looked with the snow. How the crispy air felt in my lungs. How my fingers almost froze because I made snowballs. How the sky was reflected in the half-frozen lake. The original picture was shot a little bit dark so I brightened it. Also I felt like giving the water a turquoise touch better showed the crispy winter atmosphere. I also added some clarity because it made the picture pop a little bit.


Our equipment

We use the Sony Alpha 7ii with a Tamron 28-75mm f2,8 lens. For editing I use Adobe Lightroom and sometimes I also use the App Lens Distortions to add sunbeams or snowflakes. I never had someone who taught me about photography or editing but learned everything by simply doing it and experimenting. I read some articles and watched videos on youtube about the basics but I can only recommend to go out there and try it. Then try again and again and again.

So photography became a very important aspect in my life. Especially during my travels it helps me to capture moments and makes me appreciate our beautiful nature even more. I hope you like my pics and they inspire you to get creative as well or to go outside and enjoy the world. If you have any questions regarding my equipment or editing or how I learned more about photography, please ask me in the comments 🙂

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