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Summer is coming!

I really love how the weather is getting better and better. We already had some nice and warm days and this weekend is supposed to be great as well. So what would be better than enjoying some self-made nicecream?


Turning 26 & my chocolate mousse birthday cake

I celebrated my 26th birthday last week and even though this isn’t a very special age I feel like I am at a turning point in my life. I just finished my studies and will start my very first “real” job in a couple of days. With all these crazy thoughts and changes there is one thing in life that helps staying calm and that’s sitting on the couch with a big cup of coffe and a nice piece of chocolate cake. 

Staying fit & healthy – How to kick-ass the cold and grey winter

I admit it – February is not my favourite month at all. It is grey and cold outside and it’s when I tend to get sick most often. But this year I am fighting this feeling and use February to start getting fit for summer. It’s the perfect month to start and building routines which can be helpful during spring. Who is in with me and wants to kick ass this cold and grey month until spring is here? I put together some tipps and tricks which help me staying fit and healthy in winter and during the rest of the year.