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Ein Monat ohne Plastik – Teil 2

Fast habe ich es geschafft: Noch zwei Wochen bis meine plastikfreie Fastenzeit zu Ende geht. Mein Zwischenfazit? Es ist verdammt schwer. Nicht immer konnte ich es einhalten komplett auf Plastik zu verzichten. Manchmal unbeabsichtigt und manchmal weil ich einfach keine andere Lösung hatte. Hier möchte ich euch jetzt einen kleinen Einblick geben, was schwer war und was ich aber auch an guten Lösungen gefunden habe.

Thank you 2018 for being so amazing

Probably everybody is doing a look back at the year thing right now and on tv you can see the endless series of big pictures 2018 and most breathtaking/ ridiculous/ nerve wrecking moments. So the question is why should I write just another one of these sum ups? Well for me it’s easy: I want to remind myself to be thankful and to appreciate what I have and how far I came. I think for me 2018 was quite an important year with lots of changes. In order to embrace new things, I want to take the time writing this article to say goodbye to 2018 and remember the things I was happy or sad about. Whether or not you want to read it, is up to you. But I want to tell you it’s good to look back at the most important moments. Appreciate them whether they have been positive or negative. Take strength from the positive moments and find your peace with the negative ones. This will help you to be ready for …

Egypt all-inclusive – pro’s and con’s

Nice hotel with pool, all-inclusive, relax for one week – These words usually give me goosebumps and make me want to run away. After two days of just lying at the pool and eating all day I get horribly bored and feel like a tiger in a cage. This year however I decided to give it a try because we found such a great deal. Would I do it again? Read on… The main reasons I had Egypt on my list for possible destinations was that it was still quite warm there in December, flights were cheap and not too long and my favorite travel blogger couple had just done a gorgeous roadtrip there. The problem with Egypt is: all the amazing places I wanted to visit are miles and miles apart. Not possible to do everything in just one week and still have enough time to experience everything properly. So I made a compromise. Diving and culture  We decided to head to El Quseir, which is located between Hurghada and Marsa Alam – two of …